“Please react!”

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Some leaders will end their days with the indelible memory of the dead and the pain left by their management. The Covid-19 planetary tsunami (I resist feminine as much as inclusive language) gradually devours the popularity of those who were – and some insist – an example of lethal arrogance. It is happening, among others, to Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Jair Bolsonaro, Emmanuel Macron and (it was about time) to Pedro Sánchez.

The first sees his reelection at risk while the second, the British point to the account of his initial contempt for the virus, -he was one step away from burying him-, the probability that it could end up leaving a balance of corpses greater than the number of fallen in the second world war. Bolsonaro, the South American “Joker” psychopath, runs away to his own. Ministers with a vocation to be witnesses for their abuses of power slam the door before being glued to a president who has turned out to be a fiasco. The last one was Sergio Moro, the man who put Lula da Silva in the shade as corrupt. Now, the judge who was a minister (any resemblance to Garzón is a coincidence) seeks an identical ending for the president who tries to cover up the corruption of his children, which comes to be his own.

Macron, the only one who sang the mea culpa and recognized the mistake of calling the first round of the municipal elections when Covid gained ground in greater France after devastating Italy and Spain, the electorate – according to the polls – does not seem to forgive him don’t even do it. A similar journey begins Sánchez, to which the mirror of Narciso (Michavila) returns, in the GAD3 surveys for ABC, the reflection of the satiety of a society that begins to awaken from lethargy or forced hibernation, by confinement, with touch curfew, imposed by a fallacious reading of the Constitution.

The citizens of the world feel that their patience is running out and among them, it seems that they are listening to Daniel Salas, the Minister of Health of Costa Rica (of impeccable management of the crisis) when, faced with inaction due to the pandemic, he exploded: «React, for favor!”. .


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