Plombières: the lifeless body of a farmer discovered in an empty milk tank

Macabre discovery Tuesday evening. A lifeless body was discovered in Gemmenich, on the territory of the municipality of Plombières, in the district near the Trois Bornes site, Gilles de Villers Grand Champs, the division prosecutor, said on Wednesday.

The remains of a 63-year-old lady, Ghislaine Roemers, were found in an empty milk tank at a farm in Botzelaer. “The victim’s husband discovered the body in a milk tank, installed in an annex of the family home”, indicates the division prosecutor who adds that the police laboratory and the forensic doctor were requested on the scene.

“The doctor carried out a first external examination of the body and it emerges from his first observations that the death is suspicious. An examining magistrate was seized. He went on the spot and investigated the case of intentional homicide at the expense of X. Depending on the elements of the investigation and the many duties that will be performed, this qualification may change “, details the division prosecutor.

An autopsy of the victim’s body, scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, should help determine the causes and date of death.

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