PLR launches referendum against potential tax hike

The PLR ​​of La Chaux-de-Fonds launches a referendum against a municipal decree of December 22 freezing the tax coefficient of the city. The approach aims to prevent tax increases described as “unpredictable, automatic, periodic and unjustified”.

In vain, the PLR ​​group in the General Council strongly opposed the decree, “because it does not want, by a sleight of hand, automatic tax increases,” he said. let know Thursday in a press release. This is why he concretizes his declared will then to launch a referendum.

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In La Chaux-de-Fonds, when a natural person pays 200 francs of income and wealth tax, 125 go to the canton and 75 go to the municipality, taking into account the expenses of each. A tilting mechanism is provided in the event that the canton takes over charges from a municipality.

Suddenly, the cantonal coefficient increases and the municipal coefficient decreases. Thanks to this shift, the cumulative cantonal and municipal tax burden does not increase for taxpayers. For example, the distribution can be revised from 125/75 to 130/70, the latter then always paying 200 francs.

Attractiveness in question

However, the POP, UDC and PS groups voted a decree on the tax coefficient which freezes that of Chaux-de-Fonniers at 75, recalls the PLR. Thus, if the canton takes over and raises its coefficient, the municipal coefficient is blocked, the result for taxpayers is an indirect tax increase.

In a desire for compromise, the PLR ​​group tried to amend the draft decree to avoid the automation of tax increases. “The left did not want to hear anything, following the recommendation of the City Council, unlike the UDC group, ready to review the decree in the direction of the PLR ​​group”, specifies the latter.

The PLR ​​also notes that the municipality of La Chaux-de-Fonds has one of the highest tax rates in the canton of Neuchâtel. The group considers that the city must “do better” in terms of attractiveness.

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