PMU – Arrival of the quinté on Monday September 20 in Fontainebleau: from start to finish for Le Bronn

Arrival of the quinté : 5 – 1 – 8 – 3 – 4

Reserved for gallopers, the first quinté of the week competed on soft ground on the straight 1,200 m course of the Fontainebleau racecourse (Seine-et-Marne). Disappointing during his last two outings and non-existent, last month in Deauville (Calvados) during his first attempt at this level, Le Bronn (n ° 5) has completely rehabilitated. Under the saddle of Grégory Benoist, the resident of Charley Rossi did not bother with tactics by taking the best right out of the starting stalls before getting rid of his opponents at mid-straight. Although proposed at 41/1, he reached the finish post with peace of mind leaving It’s all right (n ° 1), still noticed in the leading group, at a length and a half, which allows this 4-year-old gelding to win his first quinté. After waiting in the peloton, Be Ahead (n ° 8), the favorite, finished in a pleasant action in 3rd place, without however worrying the leading duo. It precedes King Robbe (n°3), Drunkenness (n ° 4) and Red City (n ° 10), ranked in this order after photograph. To note that Bakul Coffee (n ° 2) and Heads or Tails (n ° 13) have long accompanied the future winner before showing signs of weariness during the final sprint.

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