PMU – Arrival of the quinté on Sunday September 19 in Vincennes: Ghalie du Goutier with ease

Arrival of the quinté : 4 – 2 – 1 – 11 – 10

A few minutes before the two highlights of the day, the Prix de Normandie and the Prix de l’Étoile, the quinté pitted fourteen mares against each other over the distance of 2,100 m. While the favorite of the race, Aura Sl (n ° 8) seemed to set off for glory, the latter was at fault shortly after entering the straight line leaving the field open to Ghalie du Goutier (n ° 4). The pupil of Thierry Duvaldestin, driven by his son Théo, did not miss his first attempt in this category and at the same time signed the ninth victory of his career on the occasion of his 26th attempt.

Noticed during his re-entry race, Zante Breed (n ° 2) confirms by taking a very good second place, without being able to doubt the superiority of the winner. Animator from the start, Guérande (n ° 1) is courageous to keep a place on the podium. Despite their numbers in the second row behind the wings of the autostart, Adeline (n ° 11) and Madness of Houelle (n ° 10) complete the right combination of quinté.

Our synthesis and Halim Bouakkaz indicated the quartet in the disorder in eight horses.

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