PMU – Arrival of the quinté on Tuesday, October 19 in Vincennes: Zelov thwarts the statistics

Arrival of the quinté: 9-10-15-3-2

From theory to practice, there are sometimes steps that should not be taken. With his number 9, the outermost on the first row behind the autostart, Zelov (n ° 9) had not been spoiled by the draw. It was the same for Rocky Tilly (n ° 10), which had inherited the most stringent place of the second row. However, these two competitors formed the winning pair at the end of the 2,100 m of the large Vincennes track.

Perfectly driven by Gabriele Gelormini, who voluntarily left slowly, the winner largely dominated the situation in the final phase, rallying the post in a relaxed manner. In twenty attempts in France, Zelov had never won on our soil before but it is now.

Behind Rocky Tilly (n ° 10), who took a long time to find the passage, Esteban Jiel (n ° 15) finished remarkably to grab third place despite his unfavorable position at the start. It thus prevents Erasme Williams (n ° 3) to stand on the podium, while Felli Eleven (# 2), who attacked on the climb, completes the right combination.

Stéphan Flourent indicated the trifecta in the order of five (€ 1,853.30 for 10 euros stake) as well as the quarté in order (19,867 € for 91 euros stake)!

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