PMU – Arrival of the quinté on Wednesday November 24 at Le Mans: Bad Julry’s surprise victory at 79/1

Arrival of the quinté : 5 – 8 – 16 – 3 – 4

Before the final scheduled for December 5 on the Parisian ash, the last stage of the Grand National du Trot (GNT) took place at the Le Mans racecourse (Sarthe). 2950 m long and contested on the rope course on the left, it pitted fifteen competitors, aged 6 to 10, after the forfeit of Classic Haufor (n ° 6). From the start, Brilliant Madrik (n ° 13) lost all chance on a long prank imitated by Eddy du Vivier (n ° 1) in the second turn and by Express Jet (n ° 15) in the last corner when he had the best. Long locked up in the peloton, the favorite, Baroque taste (n ° 8) was slow to clear before ending in a very pleasant action without having time to come back Bad Jurly, masterfully driven by Anthony Barrier.

Quickly well placed behind the back of the hosts, he turned to the shortest in the last turn before easily taking the best of his opponents at mid-finish line to win in peace, and this, at the greatest satisfaction of his trainer, Stéphane Provoost: “I bought it at the start of the year for the modest sum of € 4,000 and it has never ceased to give me satisfaction. “Thanks to this victory, Bad Julry takes 3rd place on this circuit behind Crack Money and Deganawidah.

Good finisher, Clarck Sotho (n ° 16) completes the arrival of the trifecta and precedes Fly Speed (n ° 3), always noticed in good rank and the host, Deganawidah (n ° 4), maintained after investigation and which is only two points behind the yellow jersey, Crack Money.

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