“PNV” sends a new song “Recognition (Don’t accept love)”


September 30, 2021 – 18:45

“Recognize (not accept love)” The status of someone who can only be someone… close to them. The most cheeky single from “PN V.”

Still maintains the concept of secret love firmly for a man named Prem-Premanuwat Lertthaweedet or pn v. (PN V) because each song released is secretly in love with him. It can be said that if there was a competition, Prem would definitely win a gold medal. Recently, the news has sent out a new single to listen to and recognize (not accept love), a song about the relationship between like-minded people. But the other party chooses to pretend to be ignorant of the other person’s feelings. But still let him circulate close to him, which can be called the most humble love of a person who can only be someone close to him. As for the music video, it tells the story of a young man who secretly loves you tutor. and tried to do anything to lie to stay close to her Which the tutor sister seems to have a heart, but in the end, how will it be? You have to watch the full music video at the YouTube Channel Spicydisc.

and if asked why pnv “If I had to explain why I chose to only do songs that seem unsatisfactory, First of all, I love telling stories of love through sad songs. Which I think is very charming, like the song “Recognize (Don’t accept love)”, if anyone has tried to listen to it, they will feel that it is believed that many People must have experienced some encounters. Because what caused this song to come up from the comments under YouTube which he typed like “He doesn’t know, he knows, but he doesn’t love.” Seeing us, we tossed an idea and quickly wrote it on the phone. And bring together the draft together with my band until it comes out as a version of the song that everyone can listen to. And finally, I would like to leave this song for everyone to try because it has POP R&B in the 2000s mixed with a little boy band. I want everyone to follow and listen. and watch a lot of music videos.”

For anyone who wants to know how sad songs in the style of pnv . (PNV) will be, try to press to listen to his music on all channels Apple Music / Spotify / JOOX / TrueID Music / Tidal, including the song Recognize ( Not accepting love) The latest single can be listened to. And watch music videos at YouTube Channel Spicydisc and follow other news. More at www.facebook.com/PNVPNVPNV and www.facebook.com/spicydisc.fangpage


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