Podcast: Hajo Schumacher about his interview with Silvana Koch-Mehrin

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Is provocation a legitimate journalistic technique?

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An interview with the politician Silvana Koch-Mehrin came under suspicion of sexism because of specifically provocative questions. What was an upset on Twitter leads to bigger questions about responsibility in journalism – in our podcast “Die Medien-Woche”.

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The journalist Hajo Schumacher conducted an interview with the politician Silvana Koch-Mehrin about her breast cancer. Because of some disrespectful questions, a shit storm against Schumacher started on Twitter earlier this week, he was accused of sexism. In one question, Schumacher remarked, for example, that Koch-Mehrin used “the stereotype of the classic blonde”.

In an interview with “Medien-Woche”, Schumacher commented on the allegations and answered the question of whether provocation as a journalistic stylistic device is legitimate. He also comments on the criticism that Schumacher deliberately asked excessive questions in order to help Koch-Mehrin, with whom he has long known, to gain more attention. Which ultimately leads to a classic in the journalism rulebook – the subject of closeness and distance.

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