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Podcast. Podcast. How the sciences make humanity (5/5)

By improving the knowledge available to man, science enables him to constantly increase his control over his environment, facilitate his daily life, improve his condition. But these advances may raise the question: are they really desirable for humans, and to what extent?

To avoid drifts, each new advance obliges us – us human beings – to set limits, safeguards, and define by choices what makes us men equipped with a reflection and an ethics. Clearly, define what exactly makes our humanity.

How to articulate and make coexist progress and humanity? How do scientists imagine the world of tomorrow? What role does ethics play in science? This is the subject of this fifth and final episode of the “La fabrique du savoir” podcast series, produced in partnership with the‘Espace Mendès France in Poitiers.

Michel Brunet, paleontologist and paleoanthropologist, author of major discoveries such as that of the first australopithecine, Abel, and the oldest hominin, Toumaï; Catherine Bréchignac, physicist, president of the CNRS from 2006 to 2010 and president of the High Council of Biotechnology in 2009-2010; and Pierre Corvol, physician, biologist and president of theAcademy of Sciences until 2020.

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An episode written, hosted and co-produced by Joséfa Lopez for The world. Director: Eyeshot. Graphic identity: Mélina Zerbib. Partnership: Sonia Jouneau, Victoire Bounine. Partner: Espace Mendès France.

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