Podcasts: NRJ Group signs a commercial and content partnership with the American iHeartMedia

NRJ Group has just signed a strategic partnership with iHeartMedia, audio specialist in the United States and publisher of podcasts. This partnership is broken down into 3 parts. The first part concerns the provision in French version of 15 series of successful native podcasts of iHeartMedia as well as the entire catalog in original version.
Thus, more than 400 episodes in French version will be hosted and broadcast by NRJ Group. The first podcasts will be available from the end of 2021.

The second part concerns the exclusive marketing by NRJ Global of podcasts in French version and of the entire iHeartMedia catalog in original version. NRJ Global will rely, among other things, on the Yield-Op solution from Triton Digital, an iHeartMedia adtech company.

The third component concerns the creation of a podcast co-production fund in French to promote new talents. Each year, NRJ Group and iHeartMedia will produce around ten projects. The first projects will be available in early 2022.

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