Podolskaya appeared in a swimsuit that perfectly emphasizes the charms

The singer decided to spend a vacation without her husband Vladimir Presnyakov. On the first day, she showed off in a fashionable image.

Natalia Podolskaya. Photo: instagram.com/nataliapodolskaya/

Natalia Podolskaya does not hide that she is happily married to Vladimir Presnyakov. Their six-year-old son Artemy is growing up. And last year there was a replenishment in the family. The singer gave birth to another son, who was named Ivan. After that, the spouses had no time to get bored, as they then went to various events and concerts, but looked after the kids. But recently, the artist fired her nanny, so it became difficult to leave the house together.

The last few days, Podolskaya sometimes went to a secular dinner, then performed at festival “Heat”… After such busy days, she took herself a vacation. Together with my sons and my motherEvitsa flew to Turkey. There, the artist went to sunbathe by the pool in the morning. She appeared in a scarlet swimsuit with a bustier bodice and pareo panties. Natalia complemented the look with a wicker hat with ribbons.

The girl lit up not only a luxurious liquid bust, but also a flat stomach. After giving birth, she quickly returned to shape. Presnyakov’s wife chose a swimsuit that perfectly emphasizes the charms of the figure.

Fans admired the beauty of the singer. “You look stunning”, “How did you manage to return such a beautiful figure after giving birth?”, “Wow, what a figure”, “Juicy hollow”, “Slim with a wasp waist,” subscribers commented on the post. By the way, the children are resting with the artist. She showed how she feeds her youngest son, and Artemy helps her. The kids have already found a common language.

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