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Containment is back but the events do not stop on Pokémon GO ! The next Community Day will feature an extremely rare and iconic Pokémon from the 1st generation : Elektek. Everything is happening this Sunday, November 15 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Without further ado, here are all our tips to make the most of it while staying safe! Outbreaks and Elable Shiny !

Elektek Shiny

  • The incense will last 3 hours, it will therefore be super profitable to play while staying at home!
  • We’re starting to get used to it, exclusive field study missions at the event can be accomplished. It allows, among other things, to gain Sinnoh Stones, an essential item for the evolution of Elektek.
  • The hatching distance of the eggs is divided by 4 for all eggs incubated during the event. This is a great bonus, even from home (more on this later).
  • Obviously there will be a massive appearance of Elektek, some of which will be Shiny (1 of 23). The Shiny is orange / red in color, don’t miss it!
  • Elekid will be available in eggs of 2 km.
  • Evolving an Elektek into an Elekable between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. allows you to gain a exclusive attack: Flamethrower. Our analysis of this new attack is available at the end of the article!
  • So take some Go Pictures, Elektek will be able to embed itself on the photo up to 5 times during the day.
  • In the shop, you will find an exclusive box and a special study at 1 euro. These are neat little additions for people who put a few coins in the game every now and then, but nothing mandatory, far from it.

Hatch as many eggs as possible from home!

Pokémon GO, Community Day Elektek: Complete Event Guide During Lockdown

You might think that giving incubators a bonus when the whole world is re-fining is completely silly. And in itself, this is quite true since it will push some people to take risks. But do not panic, we have the solution to make the most of it from home! Last January, the GO Marathon took place, and at that time, we analyzed all the techniques to cover a maximum of kilometers in a minimum of time on Pokémon GO. You know what ? The best tip is 100% legal and it can be done from home … with a sock. Promised, there is nothing weird, we explain everything to you in a complete guide entirely dedicated to this question, take a look!

Elekid will be able to hatch from 2 km eggs and the distance needed for hatching is divided by 4. An Elekid can therefore appear every 500 meters. With the sock technique that makes it look like you’re moving at 10 km / h in the game, you will hatch an egg potentially containing Elekid every 3 minutes on average. Profitable, right?

Never evolve a Shiny Baby!

If by chance one of your Elekids comes out of its egg with an orange color, do not make it evolve! “Baby” Pokémon are the hardest to obtain and most coveted in the game in their chromatic form.. Even if you are not particularly interested in the Shiny collection, a baby Shiny is a very valuable bargaining chip.

Pokémon GO, Community Day Elektek: Complete Event Guide During Lockdown

Note that if Elekid doesn’t interest you more than that but you are looking for Stardust, the sock technique works just as well on 10 or 12 km eggs! If you throw several at the same time and time a Star Piece correctly, there is a lot of dust to be done!

Before the event: storage, bag and friends

If it’s possible for you, take a little time before the start of the event to prepare for it. Even though Community Day lasts all day, you’re going to need quite a bit of resources. Especially if you are attending the event from home.

Start with free up your storage space of Pokémon. Keep at least 200 places, so you won’t have to worry about it. Nothing is more frustrating than being slowed down due to full storage.

Prepare your bag. You will need approximately 300 Super Ball and as many Hyper Balls as possible (if possible, try to have around 500). Also consider having a few Framby berries and especially Nanana (minimum a hundred). If you have an incense aside, we advise you to use it. It’s up to you to plan a second one, but few people will play 6 hours.

Pokémon GO, Community Day Elektek: Complete Event Guide During Lockdown

Usually, we recommend that you play in places full of PokéStops (with nice lures on them) and call your friends. Given the current conditions, we advise you to stay quietly at home! And if you decide to stay at home, it may be helpful to have some gifts ready to be opened in reserve and some missions ready to be validated to boost your stocks.

During the event: Quick capture and search mission

The quick capture

There is a tip to know imperatively to optimize your time: the quick catch. Some fast capture techniques have been patched, but not this one! Here is a little tutorial:

Pokémon GO, Community Day Elektek: Complete Event Guide During Lockdown

fanart drawn by Fits

  • Launch your bay and select your Ball normally.
  • If you are right handed, put your left index finger on the Balls icon and, keeping it pressed on the screen, drag it to the left side of your phone. If you are left-handed, perform the same maneuver by reversing your hand and starting from the Berries icon.
  • With your dominant hand, throw your Ball.
  • Once the Pokémon has entered the Ball, before the capture animation is triggered, release your weak hand from the screen and press your touchscreen again.
  • A button appears in the upper left corner, tap it. You have left the fight and the Pokémon is captured.

Research missions

Finally, do not forget the research missions! They do a little on their own and allow you to collect many extremely useful items. Of course, if you play outside of your home, choose a park or a place where there are many PokéStops and active lures.

After the event: sorting, exchanges and evolutions

We said it earlier, after the event, you have two extra hours to get Elekable with his exclusive attack. That being said, know that it is necessary a Sinnoh Stone for each of your evolutions. This is a relatively difficult item to obtain so don’t empty your stock on the same species of Pokémon. If you have the reserve, evolve one of your best normal Elektek, one or two Shiny history, and that’s it ! New Sinnoh Stones will be needed during the next Community Day so don’t waste them.

To be honest, you can even evolve only one Elektek during this community day. Flamethrower is an attack that will only be useful to cover certain weaknesses of Elektek in PVP (Electek is a good Pokémon in Hyper League). But there is a problem: Elektek also has access to Ice Fist. And we will almost always prefer an Ice / Electric combination than Electric / Fire.

Pokémon GO, Community Day Elektek: Complete Event Guide During Lockdown

If you still want to upgrade one or two, the first thing to do is to spot your best performing specimens. There is a very convenient way to sort and calculate your IVs that we are talking about in depth. in a dedicated article. What we advise you to do is to classify your Pokémon by PC then type in the search bar the command Elektek &! 3 * & 4 *. Once the sorting is done, make exchanges. Make it a maximum until 6.30 p.m. about. To you the sweets, and possibly theElektek Chanceux !

Finally, end the event with one or two evolutions. Have a good game!

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