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Updated 11/18/2020 at 6:30 PM

Do you continue playing? Well now there is some very good news. Pokémon Go has enabled what many were waiting for: reaching level 50. While many of the users were already able to reach the maximum level of the game, 40, now this will increase in the coming days.

As you know, in order to level up in Pokémon GO it is necessary to accumulate a quantity of experience. But not only that, every time you complete a phase, you will receive various objects as a reward. However, this will be different for those who wish to advance beyond level 40.

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As Niantic mentions in a statement, in order to obtain Level 50 and the other levels, it is necessary not only to fulfill a series of tasks or accumulate experience, but also you must capture, hatch eggs, evolve or register new Pokémon to advance in your step.

It also indicates that the task will not be easy. Even the portal andro4all He has been encouraged to make a list of what things you will have to do to reach 50 in the video game:

  • Level 41: In it, you must catch a certain number of Pokémon in a single day to reach level 41.
  • Level 42: In some cases, to obtain this type of level, you must evolve certain Pokémon, both randomly, as in the case of Eevee, and with objects.
  • Level 43: This level will be intended for gym battles and raids. You must also get certain medals to continue advancing in your fight to be the best.
  • Level 44: To reach this level, you must have the coach and GO League battles in the background.
You can also get a variety of elements to continue your step to level 50. (Photo: Pokémon)
  • Level 45: Here you must beat the Team Rocket team.
  • Level 46: If your goal is to reach this level, you will need to perform a variety of field research tasks, hatch Eggs, and document your daily adventures with GO Snapshots.
  • Level 47: At level 47 raids will arrive on the scene. To achieve this, you will have to beat the raid bosses with teams that meet certain criteria established by Niantic.
  • Level 48: To reach level 48, you must achieve an unparalleled friendship with your partner Pokémon, with new requirements and activities together.
  • Level 49: If you want to be a level 49 trainer you will have to send gifts to your friends, get lucky Pokémon and other aspects related to friendship between trainers.
  • Level 50: In order to be level 50, you must use everything you learned in Pokémon Go. To prove it, you’ll need to do things like great throws, catch Legendary Pokémon, or defeat Team GO Rocket leaders with Pokémon under 1500 CP.


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