Pokémon: live from ISS for New Year 2021, fans are already dreaming of Diamond and Pearl remakes

Pokémon is one of the strongest licenses on our planet, and that allows it some follies that other franchises could not have afforded. She will prove it to us once again on the occasion of The Space Sunrise Live, a live video organized from the International Space Station New Years Day 2021.

On December 31 at 4:45 p.m., we are invited to experience the first sunrise of the year with Kibō, the Japanese experimentation module of theJapanese Aerospace Exploration Agency. The astronaut Soichi Noguchi, The Pokémon Company, Coca-Cola Japan and Twitter we will discover in live on the social network videos taken from space, which will be decked out with visuals of Pokémon in augmented reality, for a new kind of entertainment.

You certainly shouldn’t expect anything other than funny performances from Pikachu, Deoxys and others of their friends, but some already dream of discovering a teasing for hypothetical but expected remakes by Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, The legendaries Dialga and Palkia being in fact linked to time and space. Nothing is less certain, especially than The Pokémon Company does not particularly put the package on this operation of communication, but the hopes remain high. Until then Pokemon Sword is available for € 59.99 on Amazon.fr.

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