Pokémon Silver Version: Fan Spent Over 300 Hours Re-creating Animated Opening Scene

Remember, in 1999, came out Pokémon Gold and Silver Version on Game Boy Color. Twenty-one years later, nostalgia is still present for a plethora of fans who do not hesitate to say “It was better before” regarding current games. Some aficionados have more subtle ways to take us back in time. This is the case of Darren Rafferty, an Irish animation student who would have spent, he said, between 300 and 400 hours recreating the opening scene of Pokémon Silver Version.

Darren Raffery notably published a comparative video on his account YouTube, on the left is the official introduction of Pokémon Silver Version and on the right, its revived version. Everything is there to delight, between Lokhlass which is comfortably installed on the water passing by Pikachu and Rondoudou who sing, Dracaufeu which makes the beautiful by spitting flames and finally the finale, Lugia which goes full speed ahead with retro music as a companion. If you still want more nostalgia, an island was also inspired by Pokémon Gold and Silver sure Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The student also shared his feelings, especially his desire to create a world filled with life. He stated as follows:

I wanted it to look like a living, breathing world, as opposed to just animation. And I think everything went well, it’s still far from perfect. Personally I really like seeing the surface of the water from below, I thought it would be fine.

If you are fans of manga, volume 2 of Pokémon Gold and Silver is available on Amazon for 10.00 €.

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