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With the arrival of Pokémon Home on mobile OS and
Nintendo Switch, Pokémon Sword / Shield sees new old Pokémon land with the added bonus of an iteration of Pikachu wearing the cap of its famous trainer Sacha. Today, in our full guide to Pokémon Sword / Shield this guide, we tell you what to do!

On the Bulbapedia site which references, among other things, the QR Codes relating to the Pokémon Ultra-Sun / Moon versions to recover monsters, there is a code for American players: “Pikachu Partner Cap”.

Although the associated event has ended, it seems that one, the code still works, two, that it is compatible with European consoles!

2. Scan the code

Once back on your Nintendo 3DS version, go to Akala Island, then use your console to scan the QR code below, which will trigger an event. Once done, go back to the game, and meet on Route 4. Enter the area named “Plaine des Pikachu”. A deliveryman will meet you there with your Pikachu.

Pokémon Sword / Shield: Sacha's cap for Pikachu, how to get it? Guide

3. Use Pokémon Bank and Home

All you have to do is use the Pokémon Home and Pokémon Bank services (after updating your 3DS version). However, note that this functionality costs a little less than € 5 per year and is essential to access the transfer.

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Once the Pikachu is in your bank, you can transfer it to Pokémon Home, then from the application to your Sword and Shield version.

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