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, the MOBA based on the popular saga of , just got to the this Wednesday, July 21. Here we tell you everything that is known about its recent launch, gifts that are to be installed and arrival dates on mobile devices that work with Y .

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If you are the lucky owner of a Nintendo Switch, starting this Wednesday, July 21, you can download Pokémon Unite completely free on your console. What appears to be a gift from the giant of It is actually a title that works under the ‘free-to-play’ model: it can be downloaded at no cost, but it has built-in comparisons.

As is known, Pokémon Unite is a MOBA developed by TiMI Studio. This video game has been designed for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems. However, they will not reach all platforms at the same time.

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When will Pokémon Unite be playable on Android and iOS?

As we already indicated, the game can be downloaded from Nintendo eShop for free but it is not yet available for mobile terminals. According to own , it will take a few months to reach cell phones.

The mobile version of Pokémon UNITE will be available in September. It is planned that there will be a multiplatform connection between Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, which will allow players of both platforms to fight each other “, details the video game page.

Notably “If you log in with your Nintendo or Pokémon Trainer Club account, you can access your game data from any device. Thanks to this function, you can play at home with the version for Nintendo Switch or from anywhere with the version for mobile devices“, Add.

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What is known about the first season of Pokémon Unite?

This video game takes place in a new region, which has been dubbed Aeos Island (Æos). On this island you can enjoy 5v5 battles.

With the launch of the game, the first season begins: “Welcome to Aeos Island!”. If you download the game before August 31, you can get a free Unite License from Zeraora, a singular electric type pokémon.

By fighting in Season 1, you will earn basic items to help you succeed. If you fight often, your combat pass level will go up and you will be able to get more items and even Holowear (holo-outfits)”, Details the official website.

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