Pokimane released regular cookies at three times the price? Fans suspected the streamer of cheating

2023-11-16 08:37:00

Fans of streamer Imaine Pokimane Anise discovered that her new brand of cookies, Myna, is suspiciously similar to an existing product, only at three times the price. The Dexerto portal spoke about this.

Several factors point to this. First, Myna’s packaging is labeled “Midnight Mini Cookies,” the same name as Toalzy’s snacks sold at Costco earlier this year. Secondly, the nutritional and energy values ​​of both products are almost identical – the only difference is the presence of vitamin D in Pokimane cookies. At the same time, Myna costs $28 versus $10 for snacks from Toalzy.

Anis said these accusations are baseless. Firstly, production is carried out by different companies. Secondly, her product is gluten-free and uses higher quality raw materials and ingredients. She also noted that adding vitamins is quite expensive. It is these two factors, she says, that influence the cost of cookies. Pokimane promised that it is already working on new products, and the money earned from selling Myna will be used specifically for this activity.

Comparison of Pokimane’s Myna with other cookies | Source: Twitter

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