Poland closes its borders for foreign travelers: PM

Poland said on Friday that it was closing its borders for foreign travelers to curb the spread of the novel corona virus that infected at least 68 people.

It would also impose a two-week quarantine on people returning from abroad, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told reporters.

“Most of the cases that have spread the coronavirus epidemic in Poland are imported,” he said.

“We don’t want the corona virus to come in droves to us.”

Morawiecki said Poland’s borders would be closed for 10 days, but the government could extend the closure.

Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski said that both the quarantine measures and the border closings on Saturday would apply from midnight.

So far, two people have died of coronavirus in Poland with 38 million inhabitants.

Morawiecki said that foreigners living or working in Poland could enter the country but also have to comply with the quarantine – either at home or at an isolation location offered to them.

Trains and planes will only serve routes within Poland.

Shopping centers are closing, although grocery stores and pharmacies are still open, the prime minister said. Restaurants and bars are closing their seating service, but are encouraged to continue offering a takeaway service.

Public meetings of more than 50 people are also prohibited for the next two weeks, the prime minister said – and the same was true for the mass in the pious Catholic country.

Poland has already closed its schools, museums and cinemas.

The neighboring Slovakia and the Czech Republic have also closed their borders to foreign travelers.

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