Police capture alleged murderer of community leader

The man whom the Police captured as an alleged participant in the crime of Yecid Bolaños, He was identified as Jean Pablo Pérez Valencia, 28 years old.

The subject, known as ‘Pecoso’, was arrested when he was on public roads in the Carrizal neighborhood.

According to General Diego Rosero, commander of the Mebar, it was established through the investigation that This guy, apparently, would be the one who appears in the security camera videos who registered the crime that occurred on Sunday, February 7, in the El Pueblito neighborhood.

“He was holding a gun and the other person was holding it. We are verifying if he was the one who shot the young man “Rosero said.

Alias ​​Pecoso has judicial notations for illegal possession of firearms.

According to Rosero, he reiterated that the case is due to an attempted theft. The boy objected and they shot him. Whoever shot him we have fully individualized, we know his name, “said the officer, adding that the man is a common criminal, that is, he is not part of any organized gang.

Bolaño Morelos, 25, was a community leader and soccer coach much loved in the neighborhood. On Sunday, February 7, at almost five in the morning, he went out with a friend to look for food after having departed. On the way they were intercepted by two subjects who tried to take a motorcycle from them. Apparently, the victim objected and therefore received a bullet in the abdomen and another in the elbow.

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