Police Check Cell Phones 2 Hot Video Spreaders Like Gisel, These Are the Findings


The police checked the cell phones of the two transmitters exciting video similar to the artist Gisella Anastasia or Gisel. From the results of the checking, the police found other social media accounts that share the same exciting video.

Mobile The two suspects have left the forensic team and there is an account still being investigated by Cyber ​​Crimes investigators, which seems to be spreading more massive, “Yusri told reporters at the Jakarta Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Monday (16/11/2020).

Yusri did not elaborate on the findings of this one account. He said the police were still investigating the profile of the account while tracing the first spreader.

“We are chasing the massive spreaders while walking. We are also chasing the first spreaders,” said Yusri.

In addition, to explore the authenticity of the video, today the police examine an IT expert witness. The examination of the members’ witnesses is still ongoing.

“Today, the examination (witness) is still being examined. We are still in-depth to help complete the bundle of things,” said Yusri.

The police have now arrested the two suspects who spread the massive sex video narrated like Gisel. Second the suspects are PP and MN.

PP was arrested in Pondok Aren, South Tangerang, on Wednesday (11/11). Meanwhile, MN was arrested in Sawangan, Depok, on Thursday (12/11).

From the results of the examination, both of them met the element of being declared a suspect. Both have also been detained by police.

The investigation did not stop at the two perpetrators. Read more on the next page.

Watch the video ‘The Dangers of Spreading Hot, Artist-Like Videos on Social Media’:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]


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