Police detain about 600 covid dissidents in Berlin – Rambler / news

About 5 thousand people went to unauthorized actions throughout Berlin, of which about 600 were detained by the police. Reported by Bild.

Photo: Christian Mang/ReutersChristian Mang/Reuters

In total, 13 demonstrations of covid dissidents were organized in Berlin in different parts of the city. 2.2 thousand policemen were sent to restrain them.

In some areas, most notably in the west of the city, groups of protesters provoked clashes with the police in an attempt to break the cordon. In general, the police managed to keep the situation under control, water cannons were at the ready, which in the end did not have to be used. However, in a number of cases, the guards used pepper gas.

“We will not allow people to gather for prohibited actions,” the Berlin police said.

Earlier, during another demonstration in London against the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, 155 people were detained.

The arrests were made for various offenses, including violation of the rules imposed in connection with the coronavirus, assault on a police officer and drug possession.

Several hundred people took part in the demonstration, some of them showing aggression towards police officers.

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