Police find the woman who asked drivers for help from a moving vehicle

The woman who was seen by drivers asking for help from a moving vehicle in Ponce, was located by the Police.

Previously, the Uniformed reported that the Special Arrests division together with the Ponce precinct staff found the whereabouts of the vehicle where the complainants claimed the woman was mobilizing asking for help.

After a confidentiality, the agents found the whereabouts of the vehicle in the residential Vallas Torres, arresting a man at the scene.

The incident occurred on highway # 14 in the direction of Ponce to Juana Díaz, Ponce.

Reportedly, a woman asking the citizens for help, in a circumstance that is under investigation, was a passenger in a Mitsubishi motor vehicle, Montero model, gray from 1994, on the aforementioned road.

The woman was located on highway # 149 in front of a business, being transported to a hospital institution located in the South area, since the woman alleges that she is pregnant and needs medical attention. His condition was described as stable.

Agents attached to the Ponce East Precinct continue with the investigation.

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