Police hand over 63 million baht back to Wat Huai Duan After seizing from the Vaiyavakorn group

The Central Investigation Police join the Provincial Region 6 handing over 63 million baht to Huai Duan Temple. After seizing from the Vaiyavakorn group Revealing the refund, but the matter is not over, the case continues

At 9:00 a.m. on November 23, at Wat Huay Duan (Tarn Than), Nong Bua District, Nakhon Sawan Province, Mr. Chayan Sirimas, Governor of Nakhon Sawan Province, together with Pol. Lt. Gen. Jirapob Phuridet, Commander-in-Chief. Pol. Lt. Gen. Akradej Phimonsri, Commander of the Police. 6, Pol Maj. Gen. Jaroonkiat Pankaew, commander of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), and the Police Commissioner of the PRC, were witnesses. Receiving money back to Phra Rajamongkol Watcharachan (Phat Panunkamo) or Luang Por Pat Panyakamo, the abbot of Huai Duan Temple, amounting to 63,034,470 baht after previous inspections found that Waiyawat group of Wat Huay Duan There was a manipulation of the temple’s money into a personal account. Until there is a dispute about the behavior of money management measures that are not transparent.

Lt. Gen. Jirapob said that As a result of the date on Oct. 26 ago. There was a group of students of Luang Por Pat to complain to the investigating officer. Administrative Administrative Organization to help inspect the Waiyawakorn group of Wat Huay Duan and close people who have the power to maintain and manage the temple’s assets After discovering that there was a suspected fraudulent misappropriation of Wat Huai Duan’s money and have distrustful behavior in relation to the management of the invitation and the health care of Luang Por Pat which is more than 100 years old and asks to inspect the assets of these people

Pol Maj Gen Jaroonkiat said that After knowing about the officer The PDRC then went to the area to investigate. Check the facts right away. Prior to that, it was found that the Waiyawatakorn group and the close relatives of Luang Por Phat, namely Mr. Sano Thongpron, Mrs. Chanya Phetsaibua and Mrs. Booncherd Sukchit, all had 7 accounts of the temple’s money in their names, totaling in the amount of 63,034,470 baht, therefore the money in the said account was frozen. Before entering the temple and inspecting the seizure of documents and evidence to be examined, along with inviting all 3 people to come and investigate the origin of the said money.

Pol Maj. Gen. Jaroonkiat continued that from preliminary interviews, the three Viyavajakorn admitted that the amount of 63 million baht was actually Luang Por Pat’s money. This is in line with the testimony of Luang Por Phat who previously testified that the money that has been donated will allow the Vaiyavacakorn group and close people to deposit the money in their personal accounts. for ease of withdrawing money to use to build a pagoda in the middle of the water and public But remember that only 28 million baht was given to deposit. and when it is due to pay for the construction of a pagoda in the middle of the water Luang Por Phat has asked Mr. Sanor to withdraw money of 15 million baht to pay to the contractor. But Mr. Sanoh refused to withdraw the money. Therefore, Luang Por Phat had to find money from other parts to pay for the construction of a chedi in the middle of the water instead.

The Commander-in-Chief of the PPP said that, however, after the officials The Election Commission inspected the aforementioned matter until the facts were known. The 3 Vaiyavakorn agreed to make a record of voluntarily withdraw the said amount to return to Luang Por Pat and the temple. Until brought to the ceremony to record the refund back to the temple today, however, in addition to the amount of 63 million baht as mentioned. Officials have also seized and seized another bank account of Mr. Sano, amounting to 7.9 million baht, in order to check whether it was the temple’s money or not.

“Confirm that this case will definitely prosecute the perpetrators. It is said that according to the evidence, there is no refrain, but the first step that the authorities have to do is to track the money back to the temple first. As for the prosecution case against the offender after this, the investigating officer PPAO will expedite the conclusion of the investigation to the Commission. The NACC considers it within 30 days from the date of receiving the complaint or accusation. to investigate and determine if there was an offense of malpractice or commit an offense against one’s office or not, in accordance with Section 61 paragraph one of the Anti-Corruption Act B.E. 2561

For the history of Luang Por Pat. is a famous monk behave well high mercy causing a large number of people and students to have faith, faith, and respect For this reason, people came to ask Luang Pho Phat to consecrate various sacred objects. and offering money to Luang Por Pat for over a hundred million baht per year which these funds will be used by Luang Phor for the maintenance of religion and to the agencies that come to ask for help in the public interest such as temples, hospitals and schools without using the money for personal use

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