Police intervention in Waterloo: a case of “flagrante delicto” with coronavirus measures, according to the prosecutor

Home control was carried out in agreement with the Brabant prosecutor, according to the King’s Prosecutor.

Au two days after a police intervention in a home in Waterloo, where several people had gathered in violation of anti-Covid measures, the controversy continues to fuel conversations.

During the home check carried out in agreement with the Brabant prosecutor’s office, the owner of the house rebelled, as did his wife and their children. The police were beaten and injured without being incapacitated for work. The mother was found on the ground during the altercation and suffers from a broken nose.

The police from the Mazerine area and their waterloot colleagues were called to intervene on Friday evening around 11:30 p.m. in a private house located at the edge of the towns of Ohain (Lasne) and Waterloo. A party bringing together ten people was taking place there.

The passage of the Waterloot family before the Criminal Court of Walloon Brabant is already scheduled for January 25. The public prosecutor, Marc Rézette, will take the opportunity to compare the versions.

“There are shocking images circulating, but sometimes blurry and imprecise as to the precise moment of the facts. I hear that the police had already been there for an hour. However, the Mazerine police, the first to intervene on the basis of a denunciation because it was thought then that we were Lasne, arrived on site at 11:30 pm. Noting that people were trying to flee and faced with a general context of alcohol consumption – we are talking about the presence of 12 to 15 people – reinforcement was requested in Waterloo, while the magistrate on duty was contacted at 11:48 p.m. The latter gave them permission to enter the house at 11:56 p.m. And this, in accordance with the new circular of the attorneys general which targets the flagrante delicto in period of covid. So there was no need for a search warrant. “

The controversial police intervention continues to fuel conversations. “Le Soir” opens the debate.


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