Police officers attacked by fifteen people during an intervention in the Esseghem district in Jette

“A patrol intervened this Tuesday for a narcotics case, surely in flagrante delicto. When they wanted to arrest the suspect (s), a group of about fifteen people approached them to prevent them, ”confirms Carol Vervaet, the spokesperson for the Brussels-West police zone (Koekelberg , Jette, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Bercehm-Sainte-Agathe and Ganshoren).

The group in question is said to have been violent towards the police officers in intervention. The latter called for reinforcements. These came from other patrols from the Brussels-Capital / Ixelles police zone and from the federal police near the scene.

“The first patrol had the good instinct to contain the fifteen people in a corner. When the reinforcements arrived, they could be stopped, ”Carol Vervaet tells us.

These suspects were deprived of their liberty in order to verify their identity and to be interviewed. The police zone has contacted the Brussels public prosecutor’s office for the legal consequences that will be brought to the case. Several reports for assault and battery have already been drawn up.


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