police officers deployed around Los Angeles cinemas for the film’s release

A few days after the open letter from relatives of the victims of the Aurora shooting, the Los Angeles police announced a special device around the theaters that will broadcast the film.

Los Angeles Police announced on Friday that they will increase their presence around theaters that will screen the film next week. Joker, at the heart of a controversy causing some to fear the possibility of acts of violence on the sidelines of the sessions.

“Los Angeles Police are on notice of public concerns and the historic impact associated with the release of the Joker. Although there is no plausible threat in the Los Angeles area, the police will maintain high visibility around theaters during the exit, “a police spokeswoman told AFP.

“We encourage everyone to get out there and enjoy the leisure activities the city has to offer this weekend,” added Rosie Cervantes, while appealing to the public to be vigilant.

The concern of the families of victims

Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, directed by Todd Phillips and worn by Joaquin Phoenix, Joker evokes the transformation of a depressed humorist. Manhandled by society, he finally takes his fate in hand to become the Machiavellian and violent character who will end up being Batman’s nemesis.

Tuesday, five family members of victims of the shooting in Aurora, Colorado, in which a young man of 24 opened fire during the screening of the film Batman The Dark Knight Rises and shot 12 people, published an open letter to Warner studio that produced Joker. They express concern that a film may feature a character who responds violently to the contempt and rejection he suffers.

In their letter, the families point out that the Aurora shooting in 2012 was “perpetrated by a socially isolated individual who felt aggrieved by society”.

Reaction of the studios

“It is not the intentions of the film, of those who made it or of the studio to present this character as a hero,” Warner Bros. replied of Joker. Faced with this controversy, the studio announced Friday that it would restrict press access to the red carpet scheduled for this weekend in Hollywood for the presentation of the film. Only photographers will be authorized to approach the actors and the film crew, but not the written or audiovisual press.

“A lot has been said about Joker, and we feel like it’s time for people to see the movie, “a spokesperson for Warner Bros. told AFP.

Benjamin Pierret with AFP

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