Police officers fired for “excessive violence” when arrested

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Atlanta. In connection with a rabid arrest in protests against police violence, two police officers have been fired in the US metropolis of Atlanta and three others have been transferred to the office. Excessive violence was used to arrest two students, Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said on Sunday. She and police chief Erika Shields made the decision after examining body-camera footage of the Saturday night incident in detail.

The recordings are “really shocking to watch,” said Bottoms. “Excessive violence is never acceptable.” The video was first seen online and was later released on local television by reporters. It shows how a group of police officers wearing protective gear and gas masks surrounds a car in which a driver and a passenger are seated.

The officers seem to fire the woman with a stun gun and then pull her out of the car. Then they use a stun gun on the man. The woman lying on the floor is handcuffed. Apparently the couple is not resisting. According to reporters, the police had previously smashed windows of the car and caused flat tires.


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In the United States, unrest has occurred in several cities for the fifth day in a row. Anger over George Floyd’s death drives the protests. © Reuters

Police chief apologized for the actions of the officials

Mayor Bottoms said the passenger was later released, there was nothing against her. The man was also released. She will order the allegations against him to be dropped, Bottoms said. According to a police report, he is accused of driving without a valid driver’s license and trying to evade the police.

Police chief Shields apologized for the actions of her officers and said it was unacceptable and fueled further fear. In such cases, she must intervene and clean up as police chief, Shields said.

In Atlanta there was a curfew on Saturday and Sunday from 9 p.m. Police said Sunday that more than 150 people were arrested after protesters threw stones at officials and broke windows in the city center.

In the United States, there have been violent protests across the country for days. They were triggered by the death of Black George Floyd in police violence in Minneapolis on Monday last week. He died after a white policeman had pressed his knee on the neck of the tied up and lying Floyd for minutes.


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