Police officers injured in Ixelles: the Minister of the Interior proposes the use of tasers, police zones astonished

Saturday evening in Ixelles, 3 police officers were therefore injured following a control of health measures. To prevent this violence from happening again, the Minister of the Interior has several proposals. The first is to equip the police.

“We can equip them with body cameras and tasers to ensure that they can respond to the aggression they are facing,” indique Annelies Verlinden.

Using a taser during Covid checks, the proposal has surprised in several police areas. Some heads of corps prefer not to speak publicly. But consider the measure disproportionate. So the minister clarified her proposal.

“It is not possible to use them all the time, but we will settle that. We will also find agreements with the police”, she explains.

The legal framework for the use of taser is not yet clear. Some police areas are already testing it. This has been the case with that of Gaume for 2 years. The chef de corps is convinced by the tool. The taser, for example, could have helped on Saturday evening in Ixelles.

“Carrying it on you is a deterrent. I think a series of people would think twice,” considers Jean-Yves Schul.

The second axis for the minister. It is the firm and immediate pursuit of justice. The investigation following the incident in Ixelles is being carried out as a priority. 3 people were arrested, but later released. What angered some police officers.

“This does not mean that they will go unpunished. We will have to wait for the outcome of the investigation to determine the involvement of these people in possible offenses,” says Sarah Durant, the spokesperson for the Brussels public prosecutor’s office.

Faced with these releases, the SNPS union invited the police to go on strike. A meeting with the minister is scheduled for Wednesday.

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