Police operation in the Dannenröder forest (new-deutschland.de)

Photo: dpa / Boris Roessler

To water. The police went out on Wednesday morning at 7.45 a.m. to work in the protest camp in Dannenröder Forest. Several dozen officers were on site and accompanied forestry work to restore rescue and access routes, said a police spokesman. In addition to paths for rescue operations, an access path to a manhole for the drinking water supply is to be cleared for urgent repair work. The protest camp against the expansion of Autobahn 49 will continue, according to the police. No clearing is planned for Wednesday.

Activists reported on social media that the barricades in the forest had been cleared: »The police and the black / green state government are attacking occupied structures in #Dannibleibt. At the moment it looks like it would be a barricade clearance, «wrote the squatters on Twitter. The Sand in Gear group added: “Today’s evacuation is a preparation for the clearing. The black-green state government is sticking to 40-year-old plans and is endangering people, nature and the climate. Instead of senseless car infrastructure, we need a socio-ecological mobility transition «. On Twitter, they shared photos of the use of the police with excavators and a lifting platform as well as sit-ins against the eviction.

In a statement, the activists report that the police are currently working to clear a tripod that is on one of the forest paths. The activists call a “tripod” a construction of three long poles that are connected in the upper part and thus form a three-legged tower. Several activists are attached to it to make the eviction more difficult.

“With more infrastructure, we will create more traffic and cement our dependence on this destructive, car-related system. The decisions and transport policy of the last few decades have led us into the climate crisis. We have to start rethinking mobility. That also means saying goodbye to outdated plans and outdated concepts! «, Explains Marie Klee from the Sand in Gear Alliance, explaining the need for protest.

The planned motorway section is to connect the A49 with the A5 and thus Kassel and Gießen. The construction project is part of the coalition agreement of the Hessian state government made up of the CDU and the Greens. According to the organization “Forest instead of asphalt”, around one hundred hectares of the Dannenröder forest near Homberg an der Ohm are to be cleared. The clearing work could start in October.

To prevent this, activists built tree houses and blockades in the Dannenröder forest last October. They fear negative effects of the construction project on drinking water quality and biodiversity and demand an implementation of the traffic turnaround and more comprehensive solutions in the fight against the climate crisis.

Your criticism had joined the 30 organizations on Monday. The left-wing faction in the Hessian state parliament also called on State Transport Minister Tarek Al-Wazir and Environment Minister Priska Hinz (both Greens) in an open letter to advocate an immediate building moratorium. Among them was the environmental organization BUND, which accused the federal government of continuing to build highways despite the climate crisis and species extinction, without taking sufficient account of environmental concerns. With agencies


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