Police prevent announced attack in Frankfurt

Arrest: A policeman is handcuffed and has a gun.
Image: dpa

The police prevented a possible attack. On Friday she arrested a man in Frankfurt who had announced in a letter that he wanted to commit an act of amok. Now she shares the background.

Mith the arrest of a 53-year-old man in Frankfurt, an attack that had been announced was prevented, according to the police and the public prosecutor’s office. The man, who in the past is said to have repeatedly sent confused-sounding letters, mainly to the Hessian authorities and courts, was arrested on a garden plot in the north of Frankfurt, the police and public prosecutor reported on Tuesday.

During the search of the property, gas and air guns, a crossbow, daggers, swords and other objects that were suitable for an attack were found, it said. The man had last announced in his letter that he would commit an unspecified attack on July 20. In view of the arsenal of weapons that have been seized, the investigators assume that they have prevented a possible amok act.

The man’s whereabouts had been unknown for a long time. In his letters, he reportedly complained about alleged injustices by government agencies. “The terms used in the letters, their diction as well as their presentation indicated a mental confusion and a closeness to the so-called” Reich citizens and self-administrators scene “,” it said. Whether he actually belonged to the scene was initially open. Since Friday, the man has been in custody on charges of preparing a serious act of violence that is dangerous to the state.


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