Police report that they found abandoned electoral ballots in Nueva Concepción, Chalatenango

Joaquín Polanco, who is seeking the mayor of that town of Chalatenango for New Ideas, also uploaded photos and videos to social networks.

Dozens of ballots were found this Tuesday morning in a house in the Canton of Fuerza, in the municipality of Nueva Concepción, Chalatenango, and they are already being guarded by the Police, according to Joaquín Polanco, who is looking for the mayor of that Chalateca town for New Ideas.

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Mauricio Arriaza Chicas, director of the National Civil Police, confirmed via Twitter this Tuesday, at 11:40 am, that “we found electoral material in a house in the municipality of Nueva Concepción, Chalatenango. We are conducting the respective inspections to apply to the person in charge, the full weight of the law ”.

Finding these ballots could be key to determining the winner in Nueva Concepción.

According to data from the Supreme Electoral Tribunal until Tuesday morning, with 61.70% of the records processed, the ARENA candidate already has 2,544 votes in his favor; While the NI-CD coalition accumulates only 2,343, it should be mentioned that, in the case of mayors, they can define the winner even by one vote difference.

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“The noise for the Lords of ARENA is over. We found the scam in the Power, we have found many pages marked of the party (New Ideas). Here we have been present together with the officers, and we are going to bring this evidence to the command, and we are going to do the corresponding thing. We already have the ballots in our possession, there are many votes for new Ideas that are marked. They thought we weren’t going to find them, but we found them. In this way also, without a doubt, in other voting centers they have also done it ”, said Polanco in the video uploaded to social networks.


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