Police searched: Ryanair plane lands in Berlin

AAt the Berlin capital airport BER on Sunday evening, federal police officers searched an unscheduled aircraft that landed in between. At the remote parking position of the aircraft, there were numerous police cars with flashing lights, sniffer dogs searched the passengers’ luggage placed on the apron. The measures continued until early Monday morning, and there was no end in sight.

Why the Ryanair plane, which was on its way from Dublin in Ireland to Krakow in Poland, had to land in Berlin shortly after 8 p.m. was initially unclear. For tactical reasons, a police spokeswoman initially did not want to give any further details. The search was ended without a finding, it said. There is no danger from the machine. She is still standing at BER Airport.

The 160 passengers were brought to the terminal building and cared for there. Early on Monday morning just before 4 a.m. they were able to continue their journey with a replacement plane. The airport had previously lifted the night flight ban for the Ryanair flight as a precaution.

The newspapers BZ and Bild had reported a bomb threat. Last summer, a Ryanair plane had to make a safety landing on its way from Dublin to Krakow because of an anonymous bomb threat. Irish media reported that nothing was found during the search in Stansted in Great Britain.


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