Police searched the house where the mother of four had disappeared years ago

The area around the house has been guarded by police officers from the law enforcement unit all afternoon. In the early evening, criminal investigators and a police handler arrived, followed by firefighters. After dark, after nine o’clock in the evening, the fire brigade and the police left the place.

“I can confirm that criminal investigators are carrying out criminal proceedings in several places in Louny relating to criminal activity committed in the past. At the moment, we cannot provide any further information, “Kateřina Rendlová, spokeswoman for the Police Presidium, told the News.

According to the Real Estate Cadastre, criminal investigators intervened in a house belonging to a missing woman and her husband.

Trial for abuse

Jana Paurová disappeared without a trace at the beginning of February 2013, shortly after receiving an invitation from the police to come and testify against her husband. A Louny social worker filed a criminal complaint against him for the abuse of his wife. A subsequent trial acquitted the man for lack of evidence.

Paur reported the disappearance of his wife after two days. The police repeatedly searched the surroundings of Slavětín in the Louny region, where the family lived, but found no traces, so the woman is still listed as missing.

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