Police seize 1.78 million euros in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean (photos)

The investigation into the record seizure of 1.78 million euros is still ongoing and will, among other things, determine the source of this large sum of money.

Lhe Brussels-West police zone carried out, on December 22, one of the largest seizures of cash in Belgium, she said on Thursday. The anti-banditry brigade (BAB) in the area got their hands on a sum of 1,785,000 euros, in small denominations, in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean. A suspect has been arrested.

The man was carrying nearly 280,000 euros in his car

On patrol in the evening at Molenbeek-St-Jean, the BAB had its attention drawn to a luxury car, a Mercedes AMG registered in France, which was traveling at high speed on a road limited to 50 km / h. Spotting the police in a semi-unmarked car, the driver fled. A chase began before the driver was finally arrested thanks to the police who came to help.

Without opposing his arrest, the man was searched: 3,900 euros were discovered in his pockets. Continuing the search, the inspectors found shopping bags filled with banknotes in the trunk of the vehicle. The count, carried out back at the police station, determined that the man was carrying nearly 280,000 euros in his car.


At the request of the magistrate on duty, a search was carried out at his home. The police have, again, discovered shopping bags, small packages, boxes filled with money, in particular hidden in cupboards. Other packages were found under the bed. All contained cash. In total, it is therefore € 1,785,000, in small denominations, which was discovered following this arrest by the BAB. This is the largest seizure of money ever by a local police area. The suspect’s two luxury cars (Mercedes AMG, Audi A6) were also seized. Just like a stolen gun, a money-counting machine, equipment for vacuum-packing money, and 26,000 euros worth of jewelry.

The investigation, which is still ongoing, will, among other things, determine the source of this large sum of money. Pending the results of the investigation, the money was seized and blocked in a bank account.


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