Police set net for Congressmen in Kochi | Joju George | Congress Protest | Fuel Price

Kochi: Police are searching for Congress workers in connection with the blockade of the National Highway and the destruction of actor Jojo George’s vehicle during a protest against the fuel price hike. A man has been arrested in connection with the destruction of actor Jojo George’s vehicle. Police said the leaders involved in the case would be questioned soon. The commissioner said action would be taken without looking anyone in the face. Following this, the police searched the city last night in search of Congress workers.

Joseph, a Congress activist, was arrested from his home in Vyttila. He was awakened from his sleep and taken into custody. According to the police, it was Jose who smashed the glass of Jojo’s vehicle. According to police, this is the reason why Joseph’s hand was injured. A case has been registered against 15 Congress leaders for blocking the road.

The first accused is DCC President Muhammad Shias. The decision was made to call the leaders to the station immediately. The Congress leadership is of the view that the case was registered unilaterally. Congress leaders have repeatedly said that Jojo was obscene against women and that there was no case in it. Police say there is no evidence of this. The leaders said they would approach the court if the case was not registered and that the struggle against the fuel price hike would go ahead vigorously.

Content Highlights: Actor Joju George objects to Congress road blockade, Case against Congress workers, Fuel Price Hike


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