Police shoot fugitive cars in a car chase

A police check on the A7 near Rendsburg (archive picture)
Image: dpa

A driver in Schleswig-Holstein resists a control and rams several police cars. Officials fire at the tires of the car, and the chase ends in a ditch.

Mith roadblocks and gunfire, the police stopped a driver in Schleswig-Holstein after a half-hour chase. The 30-year-old resisted a control in Rendsburg west of Kiel on Thursday evening, broke through barriers, drove towards police officers at high speed and rammed several police cars, as a police spokesman announced on Friday.

North of Rendsburg, he drove onto Autobahn 7 and sped south. He pushed a patrol car into the middle plank. After a few kilometers, several police cars stopped the journey for a short time. However, the man drove into the cars that had wedged him. Officials fired at the tires of the car. Despite the damage to a tire, the 30-year-old continued to drive his car as a ghost driver on the motorway. A little later on the federal highway 203 the police finally pushed him into a ditch and arrested him.

According to the police, the German, who is known to the police, is accused of attempted manslaughter against officials. One officer was slightly injured during the operation. Four police cars were damaged, some seriously. The amount of damage was estimated at well over 50,000 euros.


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