Police violence: “We cannot legitimize that”, thunders Lilian Thuram

After the broadcast of the video of the four police officers hitting a music producer in Paris, Lilian Thuram, 48, spoke on Friday on Mediapart, in a video interview.

Thursday evening, several football stars, such as Kylian Mbappé, Antoine Griezmann, Benjamin Mendy, Samuel Umtiti or Jules Koundé, had already mobilized against this violence on Twitter, as well as NBA basketball players Rudy Gobert and Evan Fournier.

Known for his virulence on the issue of racism, the former defender of the Blues, said his initial disbelief about the video that has been running on social networks and has been fueling the controversy since Thursday evening.

“Even I, watching the video at the very beginning, I said to myself: This is a scam, they are not real cops. He is someone who is angry with him personally and who wants to abuse him, testifies Thuram. It is not normal that we can live in a society where we have lost confidence in the police. If we are to have confidence in an institution, it is in the police, anyway. No, we can’t legitimize that… ”

After which, very calmly, the father of Marcus and Kephren, who also became professional footballers, gave his feelings about the police violence: “It’s not fair that I, for example, who was lucky to have known France’s victory at the World Cup and who am a respected person in the public sphere, I must educate my children and tell them: Be very, very careful, children. You know, you can run into police officers who only dream of one thing, assault you. I think it’s just a great sadness, in fact, that I have to discuss these topics with my children. “

VIDEO. Michel, hit by police under the eye of a camera

Thuram also stigmatizes the lack of responsiveness of the State to the subject of racism and violence in the police: “There is an inability to see this structural racism. I think it’s time to actually grow up, to look at things and realize that we can’t escape this structural racism. Because it is the fruit of our history. Indeed, once again, there are French men and women who unfortunately do not feel safe when they have a relationship with the police. But that must be understood. It is not a figment of the mind, it is a reality. I think every citizen should have confidence in the police. The state must guarantee this confidence. “

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