Political consequences of the Sonko Affair: Side effects

True or false, this case of alleged rape, even “private”, could leave political consequences for the leader of Pastef and that of the presidential majority.

Little by little things evolve in this accusation of rape of a masseuse on the leader of Pastef. The first bits of information that emerge from the minutes of the investigation seem to discredit the thesis of the 20-year-old girl. In any case for the alleged rape component, which moreover is repetitive frequencies as stated by Adji Sarr in his complaint before the Research Section of the gendarmerie. Pending further action by the investigating judge, there are already avenues of analysis emerging. Even if, for the power, it is about a “purely private” matter, there are at least, undoubtedly, political consequences. For the concerned Ousmane Sonko and for Macky Sall and his majority. If Pastef’s leader didn’t rape the girl, then he shouldn’t have any concerns, unless the offense of agitated insurgency falls on him. And above all he would be the big winner since he would have escaped a criminal sentence that would mar his criminal record, and therefore call into question his presidential ambitions. But also, his angle of attack, in this case the “plot hatched” by Macky Sall and his regime, could have a favorable echo in public opinion. Who wouldn’t believe it anyway? And it would be his electoral granary that he had started to fill during the 2019 Presidential election that would benefit from it. Better still, beyond the region of Ziguinchor which he controlled, and which reminded him of this with demonstrations in the regional capital and in Bignona, Sonko could do better in other localities of the country.

The court of opinion
In case it is proven that Sonko had sex with Adji Sarr – it is not a crime – but it would be a bad blow for his image of a man of integrity. We could not limit ourselves to saying that it is his problem. He is still a man who aspires to lead this country. In this respect, some might never be able to bear this eventuality, especially for the “clean” man whom he sold at all levels. Others, who would be disappointed, could turn away from the leader of Pastef, as have already done those who could not admit his comings and goings at the salon “Sweet beauty”. In this case, there will also be, in addition to the judicial process, the “court of opinion” whose sentence is sometimes heavier.
Obviously, Macky Sall and his regime would hardly emerge unscathed from a possible innocence of the candidate who came third at the end of the 2019 presidential election. If the government says it has nothing to do with this story “between two citizens”, as assured the Head of State to the Caliph General of the Mourides, it is precisely for fear of reaping the political repercussions. The silence decreed by the authorities in this matter is not … silent. To talk about it would be to politicize a “private matter”. But not talking about it, for so long, can also suggest the posture of “who says nothing consents”. In any case, if Sonko is cleared of all these accusations, the conspiracy theory helping, the image of the presidential majority would not be shining. The next elections will arbitrate.

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