Political Crisis After the Explosion in Beirut, the Lebanese Government Intends to Resign Page all

BEIRUT, KOMPAS.com – Government Lebanon deciding resign, tail political crisis that occurred after the explosion in Beirut harbor.

“All levels of the cabinet resign,” said Health Minister Hamad Hassan to the media crew waiting after the meeting was held.

He explained that Prime Minister Hassan Diab would submit a letter of resignation from his government to the presidential palace.

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This statement was also reinforced by the statement of the Minister of Youth and Sports, Vartine Ohanian, in an interview with AFP.

Ohanian revealed that during the meeting, the majority of ministers called on their government to resign immediately.

The August 4 explosion, which devastated parts of the capital, sparked a wave of anger among the people of the Gulf country.

Since Saturday (8/8/2020), they have held demonstration and had occupied a number of ministerial offices before being expelled by the security forces.

Reported Haaretz Monday (10/8/2020), the incident is believed to have occurred due to the explosion of 2,750 ammonium nitrate stored in a warehouse.

The high-explosive material has been in storage since 2014, with the government not moving fast enough to secure it.

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The impact caused by the incident was very large, in addition to its strength which is said to be equivalent to an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.3.

In addition to the death toll, which is believed to exceed 200, another 6,000 were injured with 300,000 homeless.

Not to mention the losses due to the explosion which are estimated to reach 3 billion US dollars, or equivalent to Rp 43.9 trillion.

PM He immediately held a meeting on Monday after demonstrations broke out, in which his government is believed to be holding temporary status until his successor is formed.

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The Lebanese Prosecutor, Ghassan El Khoury, began questioning the Head of State Security, Major General Tony Saliba, reportedly NNA.

The interrogation stems from a report sent by the Lebanese Security Agency to the prime minister’s and president’s offices on July 20 regarding the dangers of storing ammonium nitrate in ports.

In their investigations, they focused on how dangerous chemicals can go untreated for years.

As many as 20 people, including the head of the customs department and his successor, have been arrested because they were held responsible.

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