Political Islamism, a totalitarian ideology

After the new series of attacks that have just hit Europe, it is high time to understand that jihad is underpinned by fundamentalist political Islamism. An ideology comparable to Nazism or Gulag communism, says political scientist Nina Scholz.

After the serious attack which left five dead and twenty-two wounded in Vienna, we find in the media the same debates on radicalization among Muslims as those which took place in previous years. Starting from the question of knowing what pushes a young man to commit such acts, we see the usual explanatory diagrams: discrimination by the “majority society”, lack of prospects, social downgrading. At most, we are also talking about a radical mosque of Salafist persuasion where, because of the aforementioned causes, this young person became a victim of radicalization. These analyzes are neither sufficient nor plausible, because they do not take a certain number of facts into account.

We should first ask ourselves the question of why it is exclusively Muslims who respond with terrorist violence to discrimination by the rest of society, to the lack of prospects and to social degradation. [retrouvez ici, en complément, nos articles sur le suprémacisme blanc].

Moreover, terrorism does not only affect the West. It also occurs and especially in countries where those who became fanatics were neither in the minority nor exposed to experiences of discrimination. In Kabul, Baghdad, Aleppo, Istanbul or Cairo, he [le terrorisme] primarily targets certain sections of the population, Christian “unbelievers”, Yazidis, Alevis and all Muslims who see and practice their faith differently from God’s fighters. Finally, we have known since the attacks of September 11, 2001 that the ability to switch to violence and terrorism combines perfectly with a good level of education and a privileged social status. Arguments


Nina Scholz

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