Political Marketing and Advertising Cooperation, hallmarks of the Castilian-La Mancha PSOE endorsed by the Regional Government and Angel Tomás Godoy

This is how forceful they are reaffirmed in the government team of the Cuenca municipality of El Provencio, after the press release made public by the team of Ángel Tomás Godoy, regional deputy of the PSOE Cuenca, in which he praises and thanks the regional government for the “supposed” help given to El Provencio to carry out the work of the hostel and summons its mayor, Don Julián Barchín Flores to roll up his sleeves and get down to work so as not to lose the important aid of two million euros for draft.


With all the documentation in hand, the Provenance council ensures that the aid is not such. The regional government has only finally given the reason to what the government team of El Provencio has been defending for months, a project valued at two million euros and not more than four, as the opposition has always assured. An opposition from the PSOE that has always denied this project, declaring on multiple occasions “not seeing it” for the municipality, but now (we understand that by political strategy as always), they get on the bandwagon called by Godoy’s instructions, so that the Provenance PSOE comes out of its lethargy caused by the excellent management of the popular government team in recent years and values ​​”how important” this project is, now, for the municipality.

Of course it is important, but not only for the tourist promotion of the town as indicated by the socialists in their note and social networks, if not for many other groups, which would be the main victims of not being able to develop the project for which the team of government of the Hon. El Provencio City Council has fought so hard.

First What would suffer the most if it was not able to develop the project would be the Cooperativa Nstra. Mrs. Del Rosario and therefore all the farmers that form it (practically the majority of residents of the municipality), who could not get rid of an enormous problem that the old facilities suppose and that the Hon. The City Council would solve with this project, without obviously talking about the economic benefit for the cooperative especially at a time as delicate as the one we are experiencing due to the Covid 19 pandemic, as well as the urgent need to have industrial land and that is included in the project agreement between the cooperative and the city council.

On the other hand it would be the damage that would be inflicted two groups of the hardest hit by the crisis and the current situation, such as our elders and people with disabilities, since the facilities are prepared and focused mainly to serve these two groups.

And thirdly, that of the job creation and development that the Cuenca municipality would be denying if the real will of the regional government does not exist to help the municipality of Provence to carry out this project.

And this is where the development of all this goes, to the “real will” of wanting to help develop the project or to be, simply, another crude political marketing strategy in a time when people and their ability prevail to manage, work and help society ahead of any partisan interest, although the PSOE seems to be, it has not yet realized this.

The mayor of El Provencio Julián Barchín Flores, as the person in charge of the project, clarifies as a sign of the constant work carried out, not only the multiple requests for extension of terms made to the regional government and registered on July 31, October 30 and October 16. November 2020, for the information of Mr. Godoy without obtaining any response to date and constantly delayed in time, causing the deadlines to pass; It also publishes the fully completed plans for the rehabilitation project of the old Nstra cooperative. Ms. Del Rosario, to show that despite the problems caused and the sticks in the wheels brought by the regional government and the opposition, the El Provencio city council has never stopped working on the project and the only thing they need to be able to To carry it out is that extension of deadlines, that extension in the dates that allows them to finish the facilities in 2022, since the Community Board does not have to justify European stays until 2023 and therefore, if there is a willingness to help by part from the regional government, there should be no problem.

On the contrary, and after the above, if the extension is not granted to El Provencio, and the project does not exit, the only guilty of the loss of two million euros, with the damage caused to farmers, the elderly, people with disabilities, the tourism sector and loss of employment, would be none other than the regional government of García Page, the provincial government of Chana and the PSOE of El Provencio endorsed by Ángel Tomás Godoy himself.


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