Political opposition corrects finance minister and says that delivery of $ 75 million to mayors is the law of the Republic | News from El Salvador

The head of the Treasury, Alejandro Zelaya, alleged that there is an illegality in the transfer of resources because the amount is more than the 30% that was approved in the Assembly.

The deputies of the political opposition, ARENA, FMLN and PDC, declared this Thursday in the Assembly that the Minister of Finance, Alejandro Zelaya, is confused with the allocation of the $ 75 million that had to be delivered from August to mayors to attend to the pandemic in their municipalities.

According to Zelaya, that amount from the $ 250 million loan with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) does not correspond to the 30% that was agreed to deliver to the mayors; However, the deputies argue that it was considered to give $ 75 million based on the entire loan and not only on the $ 197 million that were approved, ratified and assigned in the first phase.

The rest, 53 million dollars, are those that the Minister of Finance has asked the Assembly to reorient in different areas, a request that the Finance Commission is analyzing this Thursday during the plenary session, to see the possibility of issuing a favorable opinion in that sense.

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But the deputies do not accept Zelaya’s justifications that he does not have the resources when they were even sanctioned by the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele.

“The Minister of Finance is involved with this issue, $ 75 million add to the two loans that are pending ($ 197 million and $ 53 million). The mayors must receive the $ 75 million that were approved by the Assembly and sanctioned by the Presidency ”, stated the ARENA deputy, René Portillo Cuadra. He added that Zelaya makes a “liar handling” of the situation, since since August they have the resources, as said by the president of the Court of Accounts of the Republic, Roberto Anzora, so they are in doubt when saying they don’t have the funds.

In a morning interview this Thursday, Zelaya said that the funds are there, but that they are waiting for the Assembly to approve the reorientation of the remaining $ 53 million of the $ 250 million that the loan with the IDB has in total.

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“This (Finance) minister is sad, sad, we can no longer be tolerant or remain silent in the face of so much arbitrariness and crime that this finance minister is committing. To be allowed to say that there is no legal basis, when it is a law approved by the Assembly, ratified and sanctioned by the President of the Republic, the $ 75 million of the IDB is the law of the Republic, to say that there is no legal basis is not acceptable, Minister of Finance is telling many lies, deceiving the people “, weighed the deputy Rodolfo Parker, of the PDC.

In the same vein, the FMLN deputy head of the faction, Jorge Schafik Hándal, ruled that there is no legal basis to support Zelaya’s refusal not to transfer the funds to the mayors, as approved days ago.

“You have to tell the man that he is a minister because he is supposed to know something, what power does he have to stop something that his own president has already authorized? There should be a written order that the president tells him: look, I was wrong, and that that I signed and it is the law of the Republic for it, until now he has not shown any document that says that this must be stopped, it is a legal argument on his part to be blackmailing the mayors, who do not give them the Fodes or the resources they were legally approved, ”said Hándal.

The $ 53 million that the Treasury has requested to be redirected are being discussed in the Treasury commission, however, Hándal explained that if resources are not considered for the war veterans, they will not give their votes. While Portillo Cuadra pointed out that everything will depend on the agreements reached with the rest of the parties. Parker for his part denied that there is support for the PDC.

On October 21, the Minister of Finance brought a proposal for the reallocation of said funds so that the Assembly authorizes him to use them in the following areas: $ 15 million to buy medical supplies for Hospital El Salvador; $ 15 million for the purchase of medicines and protective suits for health personnel; $ 5 million for the transfer of critically ill patients; and another $ 18 million to restore items from the Ministry of Finance that were misaligned to address the pandemic.


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