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In a statement, CPI (M) district secretary S Sudevan said that Shibu Babyjon’s position that the UDF defeat in Chavara was not due to political reasons was not in the interest of the political leader. Chavara also won with 99 out of 140 seats in the state.

The reason for the LDF’s victory in Chavara is the Pinarayi government’s administration, the developmental welfare measures taken under the leadership of N Vijayan Pillai and the uncompromising stand against communal-communal forces. The LDF got 44.22 per cent and the UDF 43.52 per cent of the votes. In the local body elections, the BJP got 22,049 (15.78 per cent) votes. In the Assembly, it was reduced to 14,211 (9.95 per cent). BJP –– Despite the UDF vote trade, the referendum was against the UDF.

In 1980, the UDF hunted down Babyzone in connection with the Sarasan incident. He was portrayed as a killer. The LDF then took a well-intentioned political stance against this false propaganda. Shibu and NK Premachandran, who had conveniently forgotten all this and joined the UDF, could not win despite their best efforts due to Chavara’s leftist political mindset, Sudevan said.

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