Politicians, doctors and police demand – ban on firecrackers on New Year’s Eve – domestic policy

Is this the quietest New Year’s Eve ever this year?

Because of Corona, politicians, doctors and the police are demanding: Firecrackers and fireworks must be banned this year!

“I can say it very clearly: The New Year’s Eve fireworks have to be canceled this year due to the corona,” said the head of the German Police Union, Rainer Wendt (63), to BILD. His reasoning: “Alcohol, groups of people and a party atmosphere quickly join New Year’s Eve bollards.” But that is not the trend.

Support comes from politics: CSU interior expert Michael Kuffer (48) warns that this year “New Year’s Eve brawl and fireworks must be banned”. Because of the heated atmosphere in the country, it is too dangerous for people to run through the streets with explosives.

North Rhine-Westphalia’s interior minister Herbert Reul (68, CDU) also doesn’t want guns. “On Halloween weekend it was very quiet in our party strongholds,” Reul told BILD. “I wish that it will be the same again on New Year’s Eve.”

First cities prepare fireworks ban

The first cities are already preparing to ban fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Frankfurt am Main and Hanover are examining whether to impose a corresponding ban. Berlin’s CDU parliamentary group leader Burkard Dregger (56) also demands a firecracker stop this year. The Berlin administration must “with close controls completely prevent the gunfire and New Year’s Eve fireworks in Berlin’s inner city area”.

A week ago, the Netherlands banned New Year’s Eve firecrackers and rockets across the country. Reasons include: no capacity for injured people in the clinics Infectiologist Martin Grobusch from the Amsterdam University Hospital: “We are at the limit of capacity. We now have to make sure that we don’t have to take care of additional patients on New Year’s Eve. “

Quite different: Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU)! The minister to BILD: “Fireworks must be possible on New Year’s Eve despite Corona. But here, too, it is very clear: the hygiene rules with distance and mask must be observed. And there will also be controls “


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