“Politis” in turmoil after the involvement of the editor-in-chief’s spouse in a fraud case

“Our struggles are unwavering. “ So Political he titled a post published on his site Tuesday, July 20 and rebounding on the case in which is taken its editor-in-chief Gilles Wullus. The day before, a StreetPress article accused the journalist of being “Involved” in a vast swindle at the expense of undocumented migrants committed by her spouse, Azzedine Jamal. According to our colleagues, who claim to have identified 79 victims, the four business contributors of Azzedine Jamal lodged a complaint on Monday, July 19 for usurpation of the quality of lawyer, swindle and concealed work. The former manager of the dancer Mya Frye would have invoiced between 5,000 and 9,000 euros for the residence permit regularization file, without completing them.

“It is an understatement to say that we were shaken and shocked. The reported facts are extremely serious. They are in total contradiction with the values ​​that our newspaper has been defending for more than thirty years ”, the weekly engaged on the left was moved. The day before, several journalists from the editorial staff expressed their dismay on Twitter.

” Mismanagement “

Gilles Wullus was put “Indented” from Journal. He denies “Categorically the facts which [lui] are charged “, and said not to have “Never participated in any offense”. Since 2017, the one who spent twelve years at Release, before leading Stubborn, is the reinforced curator of Mr. Jamal, who suffers from mental disorders. In January, he even went on sick leave for several months to be able to take care of his partner, whose problems were worsening. What did he know about his activities?

“I discovered over time that things were wrong. But it was mostly mismanagement. He took on too many clients. I am sure that he wanted to go to the end of his files ”, he says to the World, explaining that the status of curator does not make him responsible for all his actions. “He can do pretty much whatever he wants, except for certain things, like becoming a company manager”, he continues. Except that in January, Azzedine Jamal broke this rule without informing her husband. Disconcerted, Gilles Wullus has now decided to “Seize the guardianship judge” and said to think about the legal consequences to be given to the case. His future at Political has not yet been decided. Azzedine Jamal, he decided to clear it. “I knowingly concealed from my spouse what I did”, he specified to the AFP.

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