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We wish you a wonderful Sunday and welcome you to our survey of the week, a format that asks you every Sunday about current events from Nintendo and the video game world. This week, like last week, was particularly turbulent for Pokémon fans, but before we dive into the latest poll, let’s take a look at last week’s results.

Poll last week

Last week, the first Pokémon Sword and Shield DLC package was released, bringing a new adventure. In our survey we asked you if you would like it if future Pokémon role-playing games would also receive DLC content and the result was not that clear. We have offered you many answer options with different reasons. If all the clear yes answers and all the clear no answers are summed up, the DLC rejectors are only two steps ahead of the positive voters. So you can tell from this survey that your opinion is quite different and a look at the exact answers shows how broad your opinions can be.

  1. No, I generally don’t like Pokémon games getting paid downloadable content. (57) – 25%
  2. Definitely, I prefer that to a quick adventure the following year. (52) – 23%
  3. No, however, Pokémon games should be released every two years. (35) – 15%
  4. Yes, but only if a common expansion pass will appear for both editions in the future. (31) – 14%
  5. Yes, but it should only appear for the new generation games. (14) – 6%
  6. No, I liked improved editions the following year more. (13) – 6%
  7. Yes, but only if the expansion pass will be cheaper than this year (€ 29.99). (10) – 4%
  8. I have a different opinion that I will explain in the comments. (9) – 4%
  9. I’m only interested in the main adventures anyway and not their DLC packages. (5) – 2%
  10. Yes, but only if a new Pokémon adventure still appears in the same year. (1) – 0%

Poll of the week

In a second Pokémon Presents presentation this week, The Pokémon Company announced a single new title, which is named Pokémon Unite hear. This title is developed by TiMi Studios, a subsidiary of the Chinese giant Tencent Games, and is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. Thus, the Pokémon series is sent into a completely new genre, which made some jumps of joy for some, but frustration for others, as they expected something completely different from the additional live presentation. If this is your first time hearing about this game, then look here over to learn more about it.

In today’s survey, regardless of the form in which this title was announced, we want to ask whether this MOBA with playable Pokémon actually piqued your interest. Like almost all MOBA games, the title will be offered according to a free-to-play model and will be released for iOS, Android and the Nintendo Switch console. The title will certainly be very popular, especially in Asia, but there are also many fans of this genre here in Germany. Now it’s your turn, are you interested in Pokémon Unite and will you give the game a chance? We look forward to your answers as well as your discussions.

Newsbild: © The Pokémon Company / Tencent Games

Are you interested in Pokémon Unite? 262
  1. The game absolutely doesn’t appeal to me and I won’t try it. (158)

  2. I can’t imagine that this type of game will excite me, but I’ll try it out. (36)

  3. I will definitely take a look, but I’m not sure if I could enjoy this title in the long run. (34)

  4. Definitely, a MOBA game with Pokémon sounds very exciting. (16)

  5. For me, positive and negative feelings are roughly in harmony. (15)

  6. I have a different opinion that I will explain in the comments. (3)



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