Polls ahead of the US election: Texas close to Trump, Florida close to Biden

Updated November 4th, 2020, 10:01 am

Donald Trump or Joe Biden? That will be decided on Tuesday, November 3rd. The Democrat Biden was last in the polls. But whether he can maintain his lead over incumbent Trump (Republican) on election day depends largely on how the swing states decide. Here you can find the polls before the election.

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Current polls ahead of the 2020 US election

Joe Biden of the Democrats located in current polls before incumbent Donald Trump of the Republicans – on average between 7 and 8 percentage points, such as “realclearpolitics.com“reported.

However, the US president is not elected directly by the people, but by so-called electors from the individual states. The winner must at least 270 of the electoral votes to unite. The current survey status currently looks like this:

That the US election is complicated and Survey results alone say nothing about the possible outcome of the election, has shown in the past. In the election four years ago, Hillary Clinton received more votes than Donald Trump and yet he became President of the United States.

The US President will after Winner-takes-it-all-Prinzip elected: Whoever achieves a majority in a state gets all the electoral votes – and they determine the final result.

Battleground States decide the battle for the White House

The US election is usually decided in the Swing States. These are particularly competitive states, sometimes voting for a Republican and sometimes for a Democrat. In the USA the swing states are also used Battleground States called, the states in which – literally – the battle for the White House is decided.

According to the “New York Times“Donald Trump must win some of the states in the 2020 election that current polls suggest would vote for Joe Biden. However, he could also lose some statesthat he had won four years ago and still won the election.

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Probable swing states in the 2020 election:

  • Texas – 38 electors
  • Florida – 29 electors
  • Pennsylvania – 20 electors
  • Ohio – 18 electors
  • Michigan – 16 electors
  • Georgia – 16 electors
  • North Carolina – 15 electors
  • Virginia – 13 electors
  • Arizona – 11 electors
  • Wisconsin – 10 electors
  • Minnesota – 10 voters
  • Colorado – 9 electors
  • Iowa – 6 electors
  • Nevada – 6 electors
  • New Mexico – 5 Electors
  • New Hampshire – 4 Electors
  • Maine – 4 electors

Texas is according to the Poll aggregator realclearpolitics.com currently just in Trumps Hand. Ohio, Iowa and Georgia are therefore the same close to Trump. The rest tends – sometimes more, sometimes less clearly – to Joe Biden (As of November 3rd).

Florida is considered the jackpot: In this state, it gets tight at almost every election – Florida is so important because from there a particularly large number of electors (29) are sent to the Electoral College, i.e. the college of electors. Loud realclearpolitics.com lies Florida close to Biden (As of November 3rd).

Provides even more electors Texas. The former Republican stronghold of Texas could possibly become a swing state in the 2020 US election.

Also Georgia so far chose the Republican. But the bigger the capital Atlanta became, and with it the suburbs, the more diverse the state became.

Maine went in 2016 to Hillary Clinton (Democrats). North Carolina is currently divided: there are black voters and college students on the one hand, who vote democratically, and white, more rural voters, who vote republican.

Trump owned the state four years ago Michigan decided for himself, who traditionally always voted democratically. Nebraska mostly voted Republican, also gave the Republican John McCain his cross in 2008.

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Correction: An earlier version of this article reported that the US state of Maine went to Donald Trump in 2016 and Nebraska to Barack Obama in 2008. Correct: Maine went to Hillary Clinton (Democrats), Nebraska to John McCain (Republicans).

The widow of the late US Republican John McCain supports the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in the US election campaign. There is one main reason for this.


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