world Pompeo meets urgently with Netanyahu in Lisbon

Pompeo meets urgently with Netanyahu in Lisbon


Francisco ChacónFrancisco Chacón

Correspondent in Lisbon



The US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, traveled to Lisbon on Wednesday December 4 to coincide with the acting Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, with whom he was meeting at night. There was a significant change in his agenda, since initially it was planned that Pompeo would move to the Portuguese capital on Friday, the 6th and only to meet with the Portuguese prime minister, Antonio Costa, and with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the neighboring country, Augusto Santos Silva. But the head of US diplomacy agreed to the request for an urgent meeting by Netanyahu, in a delicate situation after failing to form a government and accused of three cases of corruption.

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The central issue on the table is Iran, which is also experiencing a difficult time (if not almost explosive, with at least 208 dead in the last demonstrations) and has allied itself with Turkey against Saudi Arabia. But they also address what is going to happen in full ‘political impasse’ in Israel because Netanyahu had predicted the annexation of the Jordan Valley in the West Bank, although his committed internal position keeps him on the ropes.

The meeting at the highest level can therefore be decisive, not only because of the turbulent context but because several international leaders are giving the Israeli president long until his pending accounts are cleared up with justice. To the point that the meeting that has now been diverted to Lisbon had to have been held earlier this week in London, in parallel to the NATO summit.

But the British Government pressed for the Israeli leader not to travel on the banks of the Thames, claiming that he would not be able to guarantee his safety by having already mobilized a whole plan around the appointment of the Atlantic organization, which was attended by Donald Trump , Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron.

Pompeo, however, is inclined to listen to him, due to the attunement evidenced in previous occasions between Benjamin Netanyahu and the American president, especially since the latter decided to move the Embassy of Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

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